Pallet Manufacturers: What to Look for When Buying Pallets?

Today’s large scale manufacturers and distributors know that there are several problems confronting the shipping and storage of massive orders. Most products are stacked on wood pallets, which are becoming both harder to find and more expensive. Unfortunately, those are just two of the issues to contend with. If you are wondering what to look for when buying pallets, it all starts with the pallet manufacturers you buy from.

We’ve put together a short summary of what you should be concerned with and then you’ll know how to choose the right pallet manufacturers for your company’s needs. Let’s take a look at how our pallets compare with traditional wood pallets and you’ll see why we are so very proud of the technology that goes into GreenBlock pallets.

The Scarcity of High-Grade Natural Wood

Without going into all the social and political ramifications surrounding our nation’s current shortage of high-quality natural wood, suffice it to say that the shortage of high-grade wood is only going to get worse in the coming years. Historically, we import natural wood from Canada to meet our needs, but continuing trade disputes are putting a damper on that relationship. Then there are the ecologists who are more than a little concerned about pillaging our natural resources and you can see how all of that would drive the cost up beyond what is affordable for profitability. So then, the first thing to look for in plastic and wooden pallet manufacturers is a way to fill large scale orders even when tensions are high and supplies of wood are low.

The Cost of Shipping

Next, fuel prices have almost never been higher than they currently are and wood pallets are extremely heavy. With our revolutionary GreenBlock technology, we can reduce the total weight by almost 1/3 while increasing the loadbearing capabilities in each pallet. Did you know that the bulk of the weight comes from those blocks in the frame, the blocks that make them stackable? GreenBlocks are manufactured from recycled or recyclable materials, which make them lighter but stronger than their wood counterparts.

Reduction in weight is huge among today’s corporations that ship major amounts of product because of the cost of fuel. With supply and demand always in question, finding pallet manufacturers that can reduce the cost of shipping is critical. We hate to toot our own horn, but that truly would be us. We can save you 30% (or more!) of the total weight you are shipping and that, in turn, will reduce the cost of fuel needed for transportation.

An Eye on What Today’s Companies Are Looking to Accomplish

There is something else we’d like to point out that makes your choice of pallet manufacturers vital in today’s corporate environment. That would be how the consumer chooses which companies to deal with. Whether it is a B2B business you are running or a global B2C, today’s consumer is concerned about the environment. As mentioned, most people are aware of the fact that over time we’ve literally destroyed our forests without a thought of reforestation.

Not only do GreenBlocks weigh 30% less than traditional wood pallets, but they also use 30% less wood in the process. The materials which are used, also mentioned above, are from recycled sources or are themselves recyclable. This is a major concern in today’s world and one you will be proud to promote when using GreenBlock wood pallets.

The Bottom Line When Looking for Pallet Manufacturers

All this adds up to a huge number of benefits both to your company all the way through to the end user. Think about the time and money everyone in the supply chain can save with pallets that are lighter and cost less to transport due to that weight. Everyone involved in the supply chain from the manufacturer to the retailer will realize a significant saving based on this reduction in weight and, consequently, cost.
Then there is the fact that consumers, both B2B and B2C, are focused on the ecological aspect of manufacturing. By reducing your carbon footprint as a result of using less fuel and recyclables, everyone benefits. It only takes a short tour around the Web to see that most consumers in the 21st century have their eye on the environment. From greenhouse gases to pillaging our remaining natural resources, a great amount of importance is placed on the companies that have equal concerns for the environment.

Why GreenBlocks

If you are wondering what to look for in pallet manufacturers near me, keep all of this in mind. Look for pallets that are manufactured with the entire supply chain in mind. Look for one that offers affordable alternatives to the traditional wood pallets that are heavy and costly to transport. Look for a company that is environmentally conscientious with a healthy balance between the use of synthetic and natural materials. Find that manufacturer and you’ve found PalletsLLC.

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