Pallet Manufacturers Near Me: How to Find a Company Near You?

Are you a manufacturer looking for a large pallet supplier. If you are asking yourself “How to find pallet manufacturers near me” you might be surprised at the answers you’ll come up with. In fact, you may not want to order from those manufacturers nearest to your company for a number of reasons. Yes, you need a huge order of pallets yesterday and the time and cost of shipping them to you ‘could’ be astronomical, but there are reasons why you might want to look at what GreenBlock pallets have to offer and why it makes sense to let us ship these amazingly cost-effective pallets to you.

GreenBlock Pallets vs. Traditional Wood Pallets

Okay, so you need those pallets quickly and that is understandable. You’ve just been given a massive order to send off to production but haven’t the pallets to accommodate such a large order. You need to get a large order of pallets in ASAP so you are looking for a company near you. Before jumping from the frying pan into the fire, it pays to look at why GreenBlock pallets are the preferable option. Take the time to browse our site and you will see just how cost-effective these pallets are and you will wonder if you should be asking yourself why you are asking about local pallet manufacturers because the benefits of waiting a day or two extra are worth the wait.

Even Nearby Manufacturers Need to Ship Pallets to You!

If you think that just because a pallet manufacturer in the next town is closer they can have pallets to you any quicker than we can, maybe you should understand why we can guarantee speedy delivery. Traditional wood pallets are made completely of wood, which not only makes them heavier and costlier to transport but also harder to manufacture quickly. Bear in mind that we have a dwindling supply of high-quality natural wood from which they are constructed and you can begin to imagine what would happen if the manufacturer has problems in their materials supply chain. Our pallets are made from 30% plastic, which makes it easier to find adequate amounts of lumber. The blocks that make pallets stackable are made from recycled or recyclable plastic which reduces your demand on natural wood. That’s huge when ordering a large shipment of pallets. You will often find that when ordering wood pallets that utilize less wood in the construction of those pallets, they are easier to source.

Can a Supplier Near You Offer the Benefits of GreenBlocks?

Here again, you may be asking yourself the wrong question! You are seeking pallet manufacturers near you but are you literally throwing your company’s money away. What you should be looking at is profitability. No company can stay in business long if profits don’t far exceed expenditures, and that’s one of the major benefits of GreenBlocks. Here, we aren’t talking about the cost of pallets but rather what they have to offer in terms of money-saving features. Consider some of the following benefits:

Can a Local Pallet Manufacturer Guarantee Speedy Delivery?

Think about it for just a moment and you will see the logic of this. GreenBlock pallets weigh at least 30% less than their total wood counterparts, which makes less of a demand on such a dwindling resource. At one time we ordered massive amounts of lumber from Canada but ongoing trade disputes may interrupt our supply from this naturally wood-rich country. If a local pallet manufacturer has a disruption in their supply of lumber, you could be waiting days if not weeks for the delivery of their pallets!

Are the End Costs Justifiable for Your Business?

Also, without looking at the initial cost, just consider overall the cost-effectiveness of GreenBlock pallets. Shipping will be exponentially less expensive when you send your products out for delivery to distributors or end users. Weighing almost 1/3 less than total wood pallets, the cost of fuel and labor is reduced! Are you aware of the fact that those nine blocks in the standard pallet take up about 30% of the total weight? Our revolutionary GreenBlocks offer 1,300 pounds of loadbearing capabilities.

Are You Still Asking Yourself “How to Find Pallet Manufacturers Near Me?”

Because we have reduced reliance on lumber and a revolutionary loadbearing block in each and every one of our pallets, we can almost guarantee delivery just as quickly as a pallet manufacturer in the next town or state. Located in the Midwest, we are centrally located so that delivery is speedy. We will not be as reliant on wood sources like other pallet manufacturers and the cost of shipping our pallets to you can be reduced simply because of the lesser weight we’ll be shipping. If you are interested in pallets that will save you time, money and labor, talk to us today.

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