Local Pallets Companies: Ways GreenBlock Pallets Can Help

As you may know, the production and distribution of pallets is an essential global industry that virtually all manufacturers, factories, warehouses, and distribution centers rely on. The pallet economy is a multi-tiered market made up of:

  • pallet manufacturers who gather and assemble raw materials to build new pallets
  • local pallet companies who source pallets from producers and sell them to businesses and individuals in bulk amounts
  • used pallet providers and refurbishers who fix and resell old or damaged pallets
  • local and online businesses that purchase pallets for company use

Of all the pieces in the supply chain, the local companies that distribute pallets to other local businesses play one of the most important roles as they’re the final step before the pallets are used to ship products to consumers. With that said, here are 7 ways our GreenBlock pallets are helping local pallet companies become more efficient and profitable:

1. Fitting More Pallets Per Truckload

GreenBlock pallets utilize an assembly-requiring, space-efficient design that lets local pallet companies pack 200% more pallets into each truckload. In other words, if you could previously only fit 100 pallets per load, with GreenBlock pallets you would be able to fit 300. This is a tremendous benefit for regional pallet providers because it means that you can pass the transportation savings down to your customers to offer competitive pricing on bulk pallet loads.

It also means that you’ll be spending less money per year on fuel and putting less wear and tear on your company truck fleet. Likewise, this advantage also saves you money if you’re paying third-party trucking companies or carriers for transportation services by the mile or by the load.

2. More Efficient Pallet Storage

Local pallet companies that are buying pre-assembled pallets will never be able to maximize their profits within an allocated storage space because assembled pallets will always waste square footage.

The GreenBlock assemblable pallet design makes it possible to stack 30 pallets in the same space where you could normally only stack 10.
With the ability to keep three times as many pallets in stock, local pallet companies can boost their inventories, prevent stocking issues, and cater to larger orders with less hassle.

3. Contributing to Reforestation

Did you know that there used to be one billion acres of forest in America alone? Unfortunately, only 5% of those trees remain standing, as the capitalistic lumber rush of the 20th century had a devastating effect on the global ecosystem. It’s also unfortunate that approximately 40% of the hardwood that is cut down every year is used to build pallets and wooden shipping containers.

By using 50% less wood than standard Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA) style pallets, we cut your company’s deforestation impact in half. This reduced usage of wood is possible because our pallets are made of a composite material that contains high-impact polymers for added durability and longevity. GreenBlock’s FlatFrame technology also makes it lighter, more compact, and more efficient than standard GMA pallets.

4. Reducing Carbon Footprint

Trees capture carbon dioxide from the air and store it as carbon within their trunks, branches, and leaves. Most the carbon stored by trees winds up in the timber. If the trees are chopped down and not used or left to die and biodegrade naturally, the captured carbon is released back into the atmosphere when the organic material rots. Our pallets don’t break down easily because they’re resistant to moisture, bacteria, mold, and mildew.

An extended lifecycle means we can prevent the vast majority of our pallets from ever winding up in a landfill, thereby keeping the carbon trapped within the wood composite material instead of releasing it back into the atmosphere. We also source our lumber from companies that are actively engaged in reforestation efforts. Thus, by using GreenBlock pallets exclusively, you’re cleansing and reducing the overall carbon footprint of your supply chain.

5. Preventing Common Mishaps

GreenBlock pallets are more sturdy and less prone to accidents than typical pallets because they feature a 4-way design that simplifies and secures lifting and handling via the use of pallet jacks, forklifts, and other machinery. The enhanced maneuverability equates to faster operational processes and a lower risk of potentially costly mistakes.

Dropped loads and damaged product are liabilities that you really don’t want your company to be blamed for. Even if you have disclaimers in place that prevent you from being held legally liable, pallets that are prone to accidents will reflect negatively on your brand’s credibility. By staking your reputation on the reliability and convenience of GreenBlock pallets, you can effectively ensure a satisfied client base with minimal effort and risk on your behalf.

6. Simplifying Pallet Assembly and Handling

GreenBlock pallets can be put together quickly and easily thanks to flanges that can be used to pneumatically staple the top and bottom decks to the center blocks. Furthermore, their light weight means that virtually anyone, whether or not they possess special skills, can participate in assembly without risking injury. All of the boards and blocks that comprise a GreenBlock pallet are so light that they can be handled easily by any employee in your business or local pallet company.

Additionally, we can manufacture GreenBlock pallets to meet a wide range of design specifications for enhanced compatibility with conveyor belts and racking systems. Handling bulky, pre-assembled pallets is much less convenient because they take up three times the space, are heavier, and come with an increased chance of product damage or personal injury when compared to GreenBlock’s unmatched reliability.

7. Decreasing Annual Fuel Costs

Finally, reducing annual fuel costs through more efficient bulk loading is another direct way that local pallet companies can save money by switching to GreenBlock. These savings are enjoyed across the supply chain, from the pallet manufacturers all the way down to the product distributors who use the pallets for everyday use. Another reason why GreenBlock pallets are more fuel efficient is because you can cram more weight onto a single pallet due to enhanced weight-bearing capability. That means the end pallet user can fit more product into each truckload, so the fuel savings trickle down through both the wholesale and retail sectors.

With the trucking industry consuming billions of dollars in fuel each year, fuel-efficiency strategies are becoming key concerns for transportation companies worldwide. As a regional provider of GreenBlock pallets, you’ll be making your company available as part of an eco-friendly solution for any local businesses that are taking steps to reduce their annual fuel expenditure.

8. Offering Your Clients and Customers a Better Solution

Ultimately, GreenBlock gives local pallet companies the ability to sell more pallets while using less fuel, space, and labor. Of course, these same benefits are enjoyed by the end consumer, so local pallet providers can boost sales by offering advantages that typical GMA pallets don’t provide.
With an increasing number of large corporations and SMEs making the shift towards eco-friendly policies, positioning your local pallet company as a specialist in GreenBlock pallets will make your services an appealing option for a growing number of environmentally conscious businesses.
Since most other local pallet companies aren’t making any efforts to innovate or compete, by being one of the early adopters of this new kind of pallet technology, you’ll be ideally positioned to gain a sizable share of your regional pallet-buying market.

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