Introducing new technology


GreenBlock – New Invention!

Advantages of GreenBlock Pallet:

  • Lower your costs across your entire supply chain
  • Reduces the weight of the pallet
  • Reduces wood consumption
  • Decreases deforestation
  • Lowers wood cost significantly
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Decreases wood waste in landfills
  • Reduces your CO2 footprint
  • GreenBlock uses biodegradable bonding agents
  • Less expensive than the traditional hardwood wood block
  • ISM15 exempt
  • Limits moisture buildup
  • Resistant to contaminants and insects
  • Adaptable to both heat and cold
  • Nestable design can reduce your footprint by getting 80% more pallets in the same space.
  • Increase pallet strength and stiffness
  • Strengthen each pallet by eliminating any lateral collapse
  • Resistant block that reduces cracks and fractures
  • Manufactured from sustainable agricultural by-products
  • A forklift can pick up the pallet from any angle
  • Completely modular, works with all wood pallets, big or small
  • You can issue fewer Purchase Orders, lower your movement cost, and reduce both employees’ injuries and product damages
  • The optimal pallet block has very tight dimensions and our blocks will hold to a much tighter spec that blocks cut with a normal saw.  This allows for a better connection to the pallet providing a higher maximum safe load
  • Each GreenBlock is machine built to ensure the quality and consistency of every block.
  • Each GreenBlock is individually tested.  Any block that does not meet our specifications automatically fails
  • GreenBlock is an eco-friendly revolution in materials handling

Why Go With GreenBlock Pallet?

Here are the facts:


  • FACT #1: GreenBlock can reduce your costs across your entire supply chain.
  • FACT #2: GreenBlock is made from sustainable agricultural by-products.
  • FACT #3: GreenBlock is ISM15 compliant.
  • FACT #4: GreenBlock is a highly resistant block that reduces cracks and fractures.
  • FACT #5: GreenBlock is a machine built to ensure the quality and consistency of each block.


Our clients love it. See for yourself!

“GreenBlock saves me money because I can use less wood, I can build the pallets quicker, and I can ship twice as many pallets per truckload.”

Owner of TJ’s Pallets
– Tommy Johnson

“I believe in greater sustainability and GreenBlock will deliver a more eco-friendly supply chain.”

PhD., Co-inventor
– Tim Deppen

“A lighter pallet like GreenBlock increases fuel savings across a company’s entire distribution network.”

Kevin Berwin, Partner at Pallets LLC
– Kevin Berwin

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