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WHO WE ARE — At Pallets LLC

Pallets LLC has been in business for 12 years. During the past decade, we’ve been in hundreds of manufacturing plants throughout the US, and we’ve studied the various procedures within these plants that use different racking systems, conveyor belts, storage facilities, and manufacturing processes. Some plants are much more mechanized than others, and each plant has unique needs. What we’ve excelled at is designing pallets for those unique needs.

During this time, we’ve also been dedicated to exploring much more sustainable solutions for the pallet industry, an industry that has changed little since WWII. We’ve examined a number of materials, and engineers working for us have tested various materials and designs both with customers and at Virginia Tech, the leading expert on pallet engineering and performance in the world. We are happy to now offer a truly disruptive pallet component that offers both sustainability and cost savings.

Our new GreenBlock is a block made of incredibly strong, stable, and pallet-friendly agricultural by-products bonded with a bio-resin. This makes GreenBlock 100% biodegradable and significantly improves the sustainability of the pallets built with the new block, while it greens the supply chain. We are happy to introduce the new GreenBlock and its many benefits for our customers and our planet.

What Is GreenBlock?
  • GreenBlock is an eco-friendly revolution in materials handling
  • GreenBlock is more durable than the standard pine block and more than 100 percent more durable than a standard composite block.
  • And yet, GreenBlock is 100% biodegradable
  • GreenBlock is made from sustainable agricultural by-products
  • GreenBlock is made with biodegradable bonding agents
  • GreenBlock is ISM15 compliant
  • GreenBlock is a highly resistant block, reducing cracks and fractures
  • GreenBlock is resistant to contaminants and insects
  • GreenBlock is adaptable to both heat and cold
  • GreenBlock is machine-built to ensure the quality and consistency of each block

SHIP IT ON GREENBLOCK — Save Money by Using Less Wood and Less Fuel

Our new GreenBlock Pallet is less expensive than the traditional hardwood Pallet. GreenBlock offers greater strength over pine or composite pallets, and it can reduce the amount of wood used in a standard GMA pallet by more than 25%. Our GreenBlock Pallet designs can also reduce the time needed to manufacture a handmade wood pallet by more than 20%. Fuel savings are an additional plus. Pallet manufacturers will be able to increase the number of pallets they ship per truckload by more than 80% due to nestable characteristics of our GreenBlock pallets. All of these savings are rare in an eco-friendly pallet, but GreenBlock is made from residual agricultural fibers, a resource available in abundance and rapidly renewable. Affordable Sustainability, that’s GreenBlock’s Number One Goal.

Although the GMA pallet has changed very little over the past seven decades, comparing Pallets LLC’s GreenBlock Pallet to the standard GMA pallet clearly reveals the GreenBlock Pallet’s considerable advantages over its competition. GreenBlock will reduce the amount of wood used in a standard GMA pallet by over 25%. GreenBlock will decrease the weight of a standard GMA pallet by over 25%. And GreenBlock Pallets will enable the pallet manufacturer to ship more than twice as many pallets per truckload.

What Can GreenBlock Do for You?
  • GreenBlock can reduce your costs across your entire supply chain
  • GreenBlock will reduce pallet weight
  • GreenBlock can significantly reduce the fuel costs from shipping
  • GreenBlock significantly reduces wood consumption
  • GreenBlock increases pallet strength and stiffness
  • GreenBlock helps to limit moisture build-up
  • GreenBlock Pallets can be stackable, rackable and conveyable.
  • GreenBlock Pallets can be picked up from any angle by a forklift
  • GreenBlock helps strengthen each pallet by eliminating any lateral collapse
  • GreenBlock will reduce your CO2 footprint
  • With Greenblock’s nestable design, you can reduce your footprint by getting 80% more empty pallets in the same space, whether on a truck, in the warehouse or in the yard.
  • With GreenBlock, you can issue fewer purchase orders, lower your movement cost, reduce product damage, and reduce employees’ injuries
  • GreenBlock is customizable to your unique specifications

SHIP IT ON GREENBLOCK — Save Forests and Green America’s Supply Chain

What Makes GreenBlock Sustainable?
  • GreenBlock is 100% biodegradable
  • GreenBlock is made from sustainable agricultural by-products
  • GreenBlock is made with biodegradable bonding agents
  • GreenBlock reduces deforestation
  • GreenBlock reduces wood waste in landfills
  • GreenBlock reduces fuel consumption
  • GreenBlock will reduce your CO2 footprint

What are GreenBlock’s Additional Benefits?
  • Each GreenBlock is individually tested. Any block that does not meet our specifications automatically fails.
  • The optimal pallet block has very tight dimensions, and our GreenBlocks will hold to a much tighter spec than blocks cut with a normal saw. This allows for better pallet connectivity, ensuring a higher maximum safety load.

The wood pallet is the workhorse of the U.S. supply chain. Most products manufactured in the U.S. are transported by pallet. Every year approximately two billion pallets are circulated in the United States. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) pallet, which accounts for more than 30 percent of U.S. pallet use and represents more than 280 million new pallets annually, is a wood-intensive, expensive, and heavy 48 inches by 40 inches. For the past 70 years, wood has been the preferred material choice of pallet suppliers. Even today, more than 90% of all the pallets in use are made of wood due to relatively cheap production costs and widespread availability. These raw material costs usually run above 50% for many pallet manufacturers.

Most of the one billion acres of virgin forest that once stretched across America are now gone. Originally, forests in the U.S. were filled with the spectacular trees, some rising as tall as a 1940’s forty-story high skyscraper. Unfortunately, only about 5% of America’s native forests remain. Forests across the United States help to reduce the effects of climate change. Forests remove the carbon from our atmosphere by absorbing it in wood, leaves, and soil. The carbon is then stored in the ecosystem of the forest. Currently, the planet’s forest ecosystem is estimated to store more carbon than the Earth’s atmosphere itself. But in 2022, wood pallets and wood shipping containers accounted for more than 40% of all the hardwoods cut down in the United States.

GreenBlock from Pallets LLC will reduce the amount of wood needed to make a traditional wood pallet by over 25%.

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