10 Reasons Why Pallets LLC Is the Most Innovative Pallet Company

Many consumers and company owners don’t realize just how important of a role pallets play in today’s global economy. Nearly all factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and transportation companies rely on the use of pallets to continue functioning. Yet, despite how crucial pallets are for the operation of wholesale and retail businesses everywhere, the industry remains somewhat stagnant in terms of innovation prior to our arrival on the scene. At Pallets LLC, we’re spearheading a revolutionary change in pallet design that provides multifaceted benefits to our clients, consumers, and the environment. More specifically, here are 10 reasons why we’re undeniably the most innovative pallet company in the world:

1. We Invented an Entirely New Kind of Pallet That Helps the Environment

After playing a hands-on role in the manufacture and distribution of pallets for years, we realized that there must be a better way to make pallets lighter, stronger, and more efficient. We recognized the opportunity to introduce positive change in a massive global sector that had been inefficiently using the same pallet designs for decades.

The result of our research was the GreenBlock pallet system – a complete optimization of the way that pallets are made, stacked, and shipped. Since innovation can be defined as the ability to invent creative solutions, one could argue that we’re the only innovative pallet company worth mentioning due to GreenBlock’s unique contribution.

2. We Care About Carbon Footprints

While other pallet providers might mention the environment occasionally, we’re the only pallet company that has centered our entire mission around creating cleaner and more efficient pallets. Our pallets are considered carbon negative because the wood captures carbon dioxide from the environment and stores it in the form of carbon – if the wood were left to die and biodegrade naturally, this carbon would be released back into the atmosphere at the end of the tree’s life cycle.

By creating durable, long-lasting composite pallets made of wood and high-impact co-polymer polypropylene, we can effectively extend the lifespan of pallets and keep the carbon trapped within the non-degraded wood. Of course, that’s only the beginning of how our pallets contribute towards neutral and negative carbon footprints.

3. Our Pallets Use 50% Less Wood

GreenBlock pallets contain half the amount of wood used to make standard Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA) pallets. Despite being lighter, our pallets can carry more weight. More specifically, you can arrange up to 9 legs per pallet to distribute up to 13,500 pounds of weight on a single load while astonishingly using less than 2 pounds of GreenBlock leg material.
In a nutshell, our pallets are twice as efficient, as well as lighter, stronger, and more durable than any kind of conventional pallet you’ll find on the market. Furthermore, not only do we use less wood but we also source all of our lumber from sustainable suppliers who actively engage in reforestation efforts.

4. We Increase Pallets Per Truckload By 200%

We cater to pallet manufacturers by providing a system that is capable of shipping out 200% more pallets than the traditional pallet stacking approach. This lets manufacturers save money on fuel costs because they can send more pallets in fewer truckloads and fulfill large orders without having to make multiple trips.

When you add up the accumulative positive effect that this increased efficiency provides, the amount of fuel and money saved over the course of a year can be substantial for any pallet manufacturer or distributor.

5. We Decrease Landfill Waste

Since our pallets are incredibly hard-wearing and can be used in heavy-duty applications for many years without the need for repair, they’re much less likely to wind up damaged and prematurely dumped in a landfill somewhere. We use composite materials that keep the wood from breaking down and losing its strength over time.

Pallet waste in landfills is a mounting environmental issue that has hardly been addressed outside of our efforts to reduce unnecessary waste as an environmentally conscious pallet company. Of course, this also affects the lumber industry because we are reducing deforestation with every pallet we’re able to keep in operation.

6. GreenBlock Pallets Can Be Loaded and Forklifted Faster Than Conventional Pallets

GreenBlock pallets are shaped in a way that makes it possible for forklifts to grab and move them from nearly any angle. Conventional pallets must be picked up in a straight or squared away manner, while our pallets can be quickly grabbed from any side without the concern of tumbling or breaking.
The secret behind our pallets’ ability to withstand rough handling comes from the durability of the legs and their ability to evenly distribute pressures and loads. Plus, GreenBlock pallets can be assembled 30% faster than other assembly-requiring pallets.

7. Bacteria, Mold, and Mildew Can’t Grow on GreenBlock Pallet Legs

One of the reasons why our pallets have a longer life than others is because we use specialized plastic legs that prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Of course, this also helps the end pallet user by preventing product contamination during the retail shipping phase. Our introduction of features and benefits that aren’t offered by most other pallet providers is yet another example of our effort as the most innovative pallet company.

8. The GreenBlock Modular System Works with All Pallet Types

GreenBlock’s modular approach means that it’s compatible with pallets of all shapes and sizes, regardless of manufacturer, wood type, or country of origin. The tops and bottoms of the blocks contain flanges that allow for easy attachment to pallet decks via pneumatic staples. If you can use a staple gun and move lightweight blocks and boards around, you can assemble a GreenBlock pallet in less than a couple of minutes.

9. Our Website Is Actually Informative

If you were to examine the websites and blogs of other pallet companies, you’ll undoubtedly find that their content leaves much to be desired. We strive to make our innovation apparent by educating consumers and clients about our products and environmental issues with extensive clarity, transparency, and statistical backing. We want you to have a full understanding of what makes GreenBlock the world’s most efficient and cost-effective pallet shipping solution.

10. We Help Pallet Manufacturers Ship More Pallets While Using Less Fuel

Before we introduced the GreenBlock pallet shipping method, there was very little progress in the way of optimizing load capacity and fuel usage within the pallet distribution industry. We were one of the first companies to focus on reducing fuel usage by efficiently optimizing space through fitting more pallets into single truckloads without sacrificing quality or safety. If you’ve become accustomed to normal pallet shipping procedures, you’ll be shocked and pleased when you see how many pallets you can fit on a single truckload with GreenBlock pallets.

No Other Pallet Company Comes Close to Our Level of Commitment

By quickly skimming over the above points, you can see that there are no other pallet companies that can make all of the aforementioned claims. Pallets LLC truly is a one-of-a-kind pallet provider that cares about both the environment and the budgets of our customers. We go the extra mile to ensure that we’re providing the most durable, efficient, and cost-effective pallet shipping solutions to manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

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