Virginia Tech Test Results Confirm

The New Super Pallet Made with GreenBlock is Not Only Lighter,

It Has More Than Enough Strength to Handle Your Load.

Test Results from Virginia Tech’s Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design

Test Program: ASTM D1185 – Standard Test Methods for Pallets
Test Period: August 23, 2016 to December 02, 2016


Top Deck Bending (Static Rating 1 High)
Racked Weakest Direction (Rack Rating)
Top Deck Bending (Static Rating 3 High)


3,600 lbs
4,650 lbs
2,090 lbs


10,381 lbs
17,767 lbs


Racked Weakest Direction (Rack Rating)
Top Deck Bending (Static Rating 1 High)
Top Deck Bending (Static Rating 3 High)


2,040 lbs
3,800 lbs
1,710 lbs


9,764 lbs
18,194 lbs

Results are from Virginia Tech’s Center for Unit Load Design

The above test results are from the Center for Unit Load Design at Virginia Tech, the world’s leading
authority on testing pallets and unit loads.

Most people probably don’t believe pallets are very complicated, but
Virginia Tech has been testing pallets and their load bearing capacities for
more than 40 years.

Pallets LLC’s New “Super Pallet” Will Help

Drive Down Your Supply Chain Costs

Since World War II, one company after another has re-designed their pallets in efforts to develop a “super” pallet. Over the years, innovations have included the adoption of a wide array of specialized materials. Nonetheless, despite the decades of innovation, the wood pallet still dominates the US market.

However, this year a new hybrid wood pallet called the GreenBlock Pallet has entered the US market.

The secret to cutting transportation costs is using less wood on every pallet that moves through your supply chain. Because of the GreenBlock Pallet’s modularity, it allows each manufacturer to design a pallet that balances key factors of strength, stiffness, weight, safety and sustainability with lower cost. Manufacturers can adapt this pallet to best serve the company’s purposes and better manage costs.

We encourage all customers to design a pallet that fits their specific needs in terms of durability, weight, strength, and cost. We also caution customers not to over invest or spend more money than absolutely necessary on their pallets.

That said, it is critical that you select a pallet design with enough strength to support the unit load, withstand forklift operations, and work with your racking system. A collapsed pallet can cause significant product damage or worker injuries and can even shut down your plant’s operations. We’ll work with you to design a GreenBlock Pallet optimized for your needs, while holding down your costs.

GreenBlock Pallets’ Key Advantage

  • FACT #1Reduces pallet & freight costs
  • FACT #2Reduces the amount of wood used by more than 30%
  • FACT #3Reduces the weight of the pallet by more than 40%
  • FACT #4Works with all wood pallets and racking systems

What do others think of GreenBlock?


“GreenBlock saves me money because I can use less wood, I can build the pallets quicker, and I can ship twice as many pallets per truckload.”

  • Owner Of TJ’S Pallets
  • Tommy Johnson

“I believe in greater sustainability and GreenBlock will deliver a more eco-friendly supply chain.”

  • PHD., CO-Inventor
  • Tim Deppen

“A lighter pallet like GreenBlock increases fuel savings across a company’s entire distribution network.”

  • Kevin Berwin

See GreenBlock in action

It’s Pretty Impressive!

GreenBlock Wing Pallet

This is an example of a two-stringer wing pallet made with GreenBlock, only one of the countless configurations possible due to GreenBlock’s modularity.

GreenBlock Pallet in Use

A GreenBlock Pallet with a three-tier product load.

Weight-Bearing Capabilities

4 Tons of Plywood

A GreenBlock Pallet is loaded with four tons of plywood. The four-ton load is successfully supported by nine GreenBlocks that in total weigh less than two pounds.

3,600lb load

A forklift loads the third tier of product on a GreenBlock Pallet, bringing the load to 3,600 pounds.

3000lbs of Lumber

A GreenBlock Pallet is loaded with 3,000 pounds of lumber.

Withstanding Forklift Abuse

Dragging Test

A GreenBlock Pallet withstands being dragged forward and backward under a 3000-pound load.

Tine Pressure & Scooting

A GreenBlock Pallet resists forklift abuse from spreading tines or scooting.

Push Test

A loaded GreenBlock Pallet withstands being pushed by a forklift across a warehouse floor.

Testing Strength of Attached GreenBlock

Attachment Test

A properly attached GreenBlock withstands repeated blows from a hammer without deforming or detaching.

Testing on Conveyors

Roller Conveyor & 3000 lb Load

A GreenBlock Pallet carries a load from a roller conveyor to a chain conveyor.

Chain Conveyor

A GreenBlock Pallet carries a load on a chain conveyor.

Roller to Chain Conveyor

A GreenBlock Pallet carrying 3,000 pounds of lumber moves on a roller conveyor.

Wrapping Demonstrations

Conveyor to Turntable

A loaded GreenBlock Pallet moves from a roller conveyor onto a turntable for stretch wrapping.

Wrapping on Turntable

A loaded GreenBlock Pallet is stretch wrapped on a turntable.

Racking Systems

Wire Support

A loaded GreenBlock Pallet is racked across length on a wire support racking system.

2 Beam Support

A loaded GreenBlock Pallet is racked across length on a two beam support racking system.

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