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The New Invention – Greenblock

greenblock pallets
greenblock pallets
greenblock pallets

Advantages Of GreenBlock Pallets

  • Significantly lowers wood cost
  • Reduces the weight of the pallet
  • Reduces wood consumption
  • Decreases deforestation
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Decreases wood waste in landfills
  • Empty GreenBlock Pallets are nestable
  • Plastic legs will not mildew or mold
  • GreenBlock is both made from recycled material & recyclable
  • A forklift can pick up GreenBlock Pallets from any angle
  • GreenBlock is completely modular and works with both block & stringer wood pallets, big or small

Why Go With GreenBlock Pallets

Here Are The Facts:

  • FACT #1GreenBlock is less expensive than the traditional wood pallet.
  • FACT #2GreenBlock is a durable, eco-friendly revolution in materials handling.
  • FACT #3GreenBlock Pallet will reduce the weight of the GMA pallet by more than 30%.
  • FACT #4Pallet manufacturers will be able to double the number of pallets shipped per truckload.
  • FACT #5GreenBlock, not only will you save trees, you’ll save time, and you’ll save money.

What do others think of GreenBlock


“GreenBlock saves me money because I can use less wood, I can build the pallets quicker, and I can ship twice as many pallets per truckload.”

  • Owner Of TJ’S Pallets
  • Tommy Johnson

“I believe in greater sustainability and GreenBlock will deliver a more eco-friendly supply chain.”

  • PHD., CO-Inventor
  • Tim Deppen

“A lighter pallet like GreenBlock increases fuel savings across a company’s entire distribution network.”

  • Kevin Berwin

See GreenBlock in action

It’s Pretty Impressive

GreenBlock Wing Pallet

This is an example of a two-stringer wing pallet made with GreenBlock, only one of the countless configurations possible due to GreenBlock’s modularity.

GreenBlock Pallet in Use

A GreenBlock Pallet with a three-tier product load.

Weight-Bearing Capabilities

4 Tons of Plywood

A GreenBlock Pallet is loaded with four tons of plywood. The four-ton load is successfully supported by nine GreenBlocks that in total weigh less than two pounds.

3,600lb load

A forklift loads the third tier of product on a GreenBlock Pallet, bringing the load to 3,600 pounds.

3000lbs of Lumber

A GreenBlock Pallet is loaded with 3,000 pounds of lumber.

Withstanding Forklift Abuse

Dragging Test

A GreenBlock Pallet withstands being dragged forward and backward under a 3000-pound load.

Tine Pressure & Scooting

A GreenBlock Pallet resists forklift abuse from spreading tines or scooting.

Push Test

A loaded GreenBlock Pallet withstands being pushed by a forklift across a warehouse floor.

Testing Strength of Attached GreenBlock

Attachment Test

A properly attached GreenBlock withstands repeated blows from a hammer without deforming or detaching.

Testing on Conveyors

Roller Conveyor & 3000 lb Load

A GreenBlock Pallet carries a load from a roller conveyor to a chain conveyor.

Chain Conveyor

A GreenBlock Pallet carries a load on a chain conveyor.

Roller to Chain Conveyor

A GreenBlock Pallet carrying 3,000 pounds of lumber moves on a roller conveyor.

Wrapping Demonstrations

Conveyor to Turntable

A loaded GreenBlock Pallet moves from a roller conveyor onto a turntable for stretch wrapping.

Wrapping on Turntable

A loaded GreenBlock Pallet is stretch wrapped on a turntable.

Racking Systems

Wire Support

A loaded GreenBlock Pallet is racked across length on a wire support racking system.

2 Beam Support

A loaded GreenBlock Pallet is racked across length on a two beam support racking system.

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